A Sunny day!

We are on about our 70th day of rainy weather this Spring! And yes, I am lame, I turned on my heat this am. I thought I’d send a little colorful cheer your way with a peek of Mallory Mathison Glenn’s  home. They only feature a couple of rooms but I love her use of emerald, aqua and peacock green. (three of my favorite hues) If you know me, my designs and blog at this point you’ll see I’m NOT afraid of color, especially when it is not garish or overdone!

These rooms are fun, colorful and packed with interesting pattern and texture. I too, like Mallory use my home as a bit of a design laboratory. All images via Atlanta Homes Magazine

Shelter Loves..

Happy St. Paddy’s day. Irish or not, I think we can all appreciate a little emerald green (and kisses)! It’s long been a favorite shade and flattering on most. Boston is a very Irish city (obvs.) so people go a little bananas around here today. I’m running a road race tomorrow morning, so I’ll be sitting on my butt, in sweats, watching March Madness basket-ball tonight. I fill out a bracket every year, it’s fun to watch the games! 

Cheers, Mo chairde. 

1. I adore patterned shades and you can’t go wrong with Peter Dunham’s fiddle leaf iconic print. Purchase shades and sconces at Furbish
2. Sophie’s whimsical art and mobiles are adorable. My daughter loves to draw butterflies, we’ll have to try something like this out!
3. Floral prints and emerald suede = yes, please.
4. Lace details on tops are so feminine. Find this one here
5. ????
6. Love me an Irish Blessing, this is a great one. 
7. I need to focus on the exterior of my house this Summer. I am toying with the idea of a white exterior and shutters with a deeper shade on the door. Someday I would love to redo the facade and incorporate a copper awning similar to this!

Cottage Love #53 – Pastel Perfection

With unexpected color choices, a curated mix of vintage, inherited and modern elements and a nod to mid-century design with a traditional twist, Charlotte Lucas designed a beautiful but approachable home for her family. Charlotte’s unpredictable style speaks to me.  She credits her former employer and design maven Barrie Benson with shaping her sensibility and her approach to  shopping: “I’ve learned that if I find something I really love, I should buy it now and worry about how I’m going to use it later,” she says. I’m guilty of this very same habit. In fact, sometimes one fabulous piece can be the impetus for an entire design. Charlotte’s work is beautiful. I predict we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of her. Enjoy! Read more about Charlotte’s
home and find sources here
I’m in love with her daughter’s bedroom and day bed! (channel tufting is a current favorite) 

What’s cooking: In the kitchen

Every year ushers in new concepts and design trends for your home. One I’ve had my eye on for a while is painted green cabinetry. We’ve all seen grey, white and blue accents in the kitch but this year I predict that we’re going to see more green and more of this cheery shade in general in home decor. Below I’ve included a few of my favorite green colors for kitchen cabinets! If covering all of your cabinets in green feels a bit risky try it as an accent on lower cabinets or an island. I opted to use it on the interior of my glass cabinet. 

Color Crush – November

I keep coming back to this beautiful, rich marine blue shade. I’ve decided it’s officially Shelter’s color of the month.  My pins are surely a sign of where my heart is. The perfect hue somewhere between royal, navy and turquoise, marine blue mixes perfectly with fall tones such as ochre, gold, nutmeg and burnt orange.

I’m even contemplating some stripes in this sultry shade around my home! (or should I say design laboratory)