Shelter loves 9.21.12

I’m adoring ALL things cozy and camel this week!

1. The Wendy Schwartz (image via Lonny) seating area within a bedroom. The mix of textiles, colors and shapes are fabulous. There are those sheep skin rugs again. Perfect for this time of year! I dread the day I have to turn the heat on in my house, today was it. It was a chilly 61 degrees in here this morning!
2. Camel bags! This Prada version would work.
3. A Fall plus? Scarf season. I love layering scarfs with outfits. A burberry classic is the way to go!
4. Albert Hadley design board!! – Simply inspiring.
5. Feather details and motifs. I’m seeing them everywhere.  Bracelet

Lonny love!

I find like attracts like, so if you read my blog or most interior design and/or fashion magazines, then you most likely read Lonny Magazine and have probably already poured over this drool worthy space. I highly admire both Michelle Adam’s style and drive! Now there’s an example of a girl who seems to have it all together! This month’s issue of Lonny was great, I always look forward to their latest issue and try to read it the day it arrives onto my lap top!  I loved Michelle’s bedroom and the canopy bed that she carefully created and featured. Something I too would love to do but I’m not sure when I’d have time to do it. I’m also not sure that my five year old son wouldn’t try to swing from the hanging drapes. Is it me or do young boys have more energy then they can ever possibly expend? 🙂 I also adore the sharp and stylish black. grey and white combo used. She beautifully mixed an array of textures and patterns. Thanks for sharing another perfect design with us Michelle!

Screens in the bedroom

I love the idea of using a screen behind a headboard. Screens also look pretty as a headboard but I prefer screen floating behind a headboard from a functionality and layered design stand point! This top room by Nick Olsen, is one of my current favorites!
This picture has been around for a long time but I LOVE this bedroom and screen.
Vintage Screens are my favorite! This room incorporates a very cool balance of modern and traditional design idea.
This is a great use of a tiny space. Not enough closet storage? Set up racks to display your best and fun pieces.