Design: Sherry Hart

Someone very close to me is about to have a baby boy anytime now! We briefly discussed the little guy’s nursery today. Here’s some inspiration for my readers and for you K!!! What I love about all these rooms is that they aren’t too fussy. The designs use a few grand gestures but are fairly simple. Don’t be afraid to use larger scaled objects in a small person’s room!
Lee Kleinhelter’s son’s room
via Big Cartel
I never tire of David Hick’s La Fiorentina print
I adore the artwork above the bed – If anyone knows the source, please do share!!
I love the idea of a map wall in a child’s room or play room.
The animal prints are great – Restoration Hardware

Pink & Yellow

Pink and Yellow are the colors I’m using in my daughter’s bedroom! I’m so excited that I’m finally making some progress.  I’ve painted the walls, the rug is in, the light fixture is hung; I have quite a bit more to do but I plan to paint her dresser a bright shade of yellow this weekend. In a perfect world the easter bunny would set it up on Saturday night…We’ll see….
Here’s a little peek below, we didn’t show much in the photo shoot because the room isn’t ready!
images: ?, Canadian House and Home, Bellini Portraits.

Emerson’s room – design boards

 Here is the plan for Emerson’s room, the walls are painted and ready to go. I also already have some of the other elements. The concept for her room was the idea of bunnies and deer emerging into a summery garden from the “enchanted forest”. Make sense? Good.

1. Scalloped window treatments with a pom-pom detail.
2. Art work via lovemaki.bigcartel {found via this is glamorous}
3. I am going to paint the dresser lemon yellow
4. Light pink paint – ben moore, mellow pink,
 – the charcoal fabric is for the custom designed headboard. It will have a medium pink contrast welt.
 – Kelly Wearstler – in confetti from Lee Jofa on an upholstered chair
5. I purchased this amazing bunny via Etsy from Dimdi. My sister also had an adorable deer painted for Emerson by the same artist.
6. I am going to design a custom headboard similar to this!
7. I purchased these great letter press words. Each type was designed and signed by the artist. {will provide site}. I am going to hang them above the bed, each will have a hot pink mat.
8. + 9. Bunny Pillow via Unica Home, Deer – room’s mascot, via HomeGoods. I purchased this when I was pregnant, not knowing if I was having a boy or a girl.
10. Bob Collins yellow lattice will be used for a large bed pillow. {maybe a bolster – not sure yet}
11. Inspiration for an artwall above the crib – It will be a collage of deer and bunny prints by various
12. Palm leaf chandelier. I found one very similar on ebay and had it sprayed last year.
13. I want to add this David Hicks – hexagon wallpaper someplace as an accent.
14. Pink gourd lamp. I also already have a great pierced white lamp.
15. Bedding will be simple and scalloped with a ruffle bed skirt in shades of pink and white.
16. I have a fun fluffy wool shag carpet in the room it’s perfect for little, bare feet.

got to run and get my kiddos!!

think pink

Sorry about the late post. I’ve been running lately, I feel like all I do is run, run run… I blog when I really should be sleeping. Anyway as most of my regular readers {and thanks for that :)} probably figured out my life took a crazy turn this past Fall. It’s insane enough having a new born baby, never mind life changing drama. I’m moving forward in a positive direction and am starting to focus on my home again!!{which is always so much fun for me}. I was never able to wrap up my daughter’s room, so that is my first order of business. I got around to painting it on Saturday. I have painted a slew of mirrors and dressers etc. but I had never painted a room before. It was a goal of mine to paint hers. I finished 90%, and plan on finishing the balance this week!! I never tire of the transformative power of paint, $50.00 and a little elbow grease is all it takes. I LOVE the color. I went with a pale pink; I know that seems so predictable, but pink it just so “well”, pretty, and that is what I was going for on the walls.  I previously posted my original boards for the room on my blog here. I’ve tweaked them a little, but the concept is still pretty much the same. {look for the new boards, with the final selections tomorrow afternoon}. Here’s a bit of pale pink inspiration for you. The color I went with is called Mellow Pink {75%} by Benjamin Moore. It’s the perfect warm pink. {and looks very much like Palmer Weiss daughter’s walls below.} 

image: Lonny Mag

The state of things + weekend flea market find!

There’s a close up for you..I love to scour flea markets, I’m afraid my children will too, because I drag them along {neither seems to mind}! This weekend I purchased this green/blue glass “carboy” as I was told it’s called. They are used for making beer and wine, which is fitting as I love both..I’m going to fill it with water and long grasses from my yard. My dream is to someday have a {very small} store that would house my design office and revamped flea-market finds. I really have a love of lamps and chairs, but I’ve run out of room..{would also love a small barn or garage someday – a makeshift workshop}

Also, an update on Emerson’s room. See the concept here, if you missed it! I purchased these amazing letterpress graphic posters. Each is signed by the designer. I don’t want to go overboard with sticky sweetness, so I thought these would be perfect. I like the message and the design. I’m going to have them individually framed for above the headboard. “Always Play Amongst Friends” from Brooklyn’s Friends of Type..I also scored a simple little dresser at a yard sale. I’m going to paint it charcoal and add these glass pulls from The Paris Apartment. {they have the best glass pulls}

Remember my idea to frame images of deer and bunnies, well I’m going to do it gallery style above or on either side of the crib..{i always get nervous about hanging things above the crib}would also love to incorporate some paper hangings..image via Making it lovely.John Robshaw pillow fabricAreaware bunny pillow – too cute!Image of bedroom: Lonny