Hunt Slonem

I’m constantly drawn to artwork and photography. I’m really looking forward to hanging my array of art in my new home. I’ve down sized for obvious reasons so I don’t have as many walls. A gallery style wall is a must as is hanging pieces in unique ways individually.
Today I came across the work of Hunt Slonem. I was instantly drawn to his wild life, bird and floral paintings. They’re over sized and often feature a repetitive theme. They would make a statement in any home! He’s quite the talent and sounds like a character, just check out the link to his 15,000 sq. foot NYC home on his website.
Hunt: “I would say my whole life could be summed up by the word ‘exotica’.”


Inspired – Mario Testino

I love photography! In fact it’s on my bucket list to someday take a class and learn more about this art form. I’m very much looking forward to the Mario Testino exhibit at the MFA in Boston this Fall. He’s such a creative and influential force. (read more below) It opens on 10.21. I always feel a bit anxious this time of year. The past two Fall seasons have been ones of drastic change and heartbreak for me. I’m focusing on the positive and hoping this Fall will be quite the opposite and turn out amazing. I’m moving from my home, so on that front a big change is in store. This exhibit will definitely be a positive to look forward to. In fact I think I may use some of his work as a starting point and design concept for my new place. (which I need to find, something else causing me a bit of trepidation)

And to all of you who got your kiddies off to school for their first day today, hope it went well!!!

I’m looking forward and remembering: “let your faith be bigger then your fear” and everything will turn out okay!! even better then okay!

I would love to have one of his fashion photographs in my home!
All images from Mario Testino’s website.

Sponsor Welcome: Siiso Visual Art

I’m excited to share the dynamic, colorful, textural paintings by artist Yang yang Pan from the site Siiso Visual Art.

I’ve actually featured her work on my blog in the past and own one of her wonderful prints. Here’s some information on her inspiration! I think these colorful pieces speak for themselves!

“Painting for me is a process of discovery. My works inspired by plants, textures and the natural world combines exuberant color. I work mostly with a palette knife giving much texture to the finished product. I created mixed-media abstract paintings in which I explore my interest in the wonder and the curiosity I feel about the world I live in. My fascination with old crumbling buildings and walls also inspires much of my work. “

Inexpensively done!

I adore one of a kind pieces of art, the only issue for me is the budget. Would I love to scoop up every piece of art at my favorite gallery? You bet, but that’s not an option right now. {I’m saving for my bungalow by the sea, remember?}. It will be an amazing feeling when I can buy an original but for now I get creative.
Here are some of my favorite ways to inexpensively incorporate art into your home.

1. Image one: Purchase from a budding artist
The adorable dog photo is my newest piece. The students at Endicott College recently had an art show. I fell in love with that dog and I knew my son would too.  I bought this photo from an art student, students are always up for selling their pieces.

The top image was purchased from a street artist in Saint Tropez. I always try to purchase at least one original piece when I travel. Besides taking photos it’s the perfect way to preserve the memory of your trip.
2. Image two: #3Paint your own work of art.
This was originally a four that I had painted back in September. One of the first things I did after my break-up in October was to change it to a three! I actually like the three better. I will keep this forever as reminder of my crazy and unexpected journey in 2010. Seven months is a relatively short period of time, but I’m a different person today then I was last Fall!
3. Image three: Frame children’s artwork – It’s loose and free, I love it.
 A snap shot of my art wall. This wall is a mix of pieces, it includes two paintings by my three year old son!
4. Image four: Frame a piece of block printed wrapping paper or any other found graphic you love.
I’ve always loved the organic quality of Faux Bois. I purchased this paper with the intention of wrapping a gift, but I decided to frame it instead. p.s. Ikea sells a number of inexpensive frames, that
is what I’ve used in this photo.
5.  Image five: Shop on Etsy for art. It is an amazing online resource.
I blogged about this print a couple of months ago. It’s from Siiso via Etsy. She will also make custom prints on canvas. 

Images: 2,3,4 -by Bellini Photography