Artist love – Kate Roebuck

I am continually searching for design inspiration and love when I come across an artist’s work that makes a graphic, colorful statement. Often times when I am designing a space, I feel it’s almost complete but we need to find the perfect pieces of art to add the finishing touch.  Don’t get me wrong there are times when a beautiful piece of art can also be the impetus for a design and/or color palette. 

Today while working on a project I came across the paintings and prints of textile designer and artist Kate Roebuck. Her pieces are colorful, textural and in her words “rhythmic”. I’m liking them………

For purchasing information visit her site: Bower bird collective. Kate’s sister, Laura, is also an artist. Her paintings are equally as pretty but have a slightly softer feel.

Here is a sampling of Kate’s designs:

Many of her works are over sized. They would make a great statement on a larger wall!

I’m a fan of oversized artwork that sort of stops you in your tracks!

Hunt Slonem

I’m constantly drawn to artwork and photography. I’m really looking forward to hanging my array of art in my new home. I’ve down sized for obvious reasons so I don’t have as many walls. A gallery style wall is a must as is hanging pieces in unique ways individually.
Today I came across the work of Hunt Slonem. I was instantly drawn to his wild life, bird and floral paintings. They’re over sized and often feature a repetitive theme. They would make a statement in any home! He’s quite the talent and sounds like a character, just check out the link to his 15,000 sq. foot NYC home on his website.
Hunt: “I would say my whole life could be summed up by the word ‘exotica’.”



Photography: Sarah Winchester

Happy Monday. I hope this little sneak peek doesn’t frustrate you. I can’t show the entire room quite yet. This job consisted of a small powder room, a mud room and an entire kitchen renovation. The fabrics are from Peter Dunham, Starburst and Hable Construction. The rug, HomeGoods, believe it or not.

Rose Cummings – Zebrine in blue

I’ve also been working with a client remotely on another small, budget friendly kitchen renovation. She’s given the thumbs up to using Rose Cummings Zebrine in blue to line the back of bookshelves + also in a small mudroom. Whoo hoo. I love this wallpaper and may HAVE to use it in my own powder room someday.

Speaking of my own home..the search will resume and intensify this Spring. There hasn’t been much on the market. Remember I promised to show you what’s available for about $315,000 in this area.  Wish granted, here’s a sample of what’s out there. It’s not a bad little house, I could make it shine, the issue is it’s only 1050 sq feet with two bedrooms. I need three…

I thankfully caught fashion photographer, Mario Testino ‘s exhibit at the MFA this past weekend. It was perfection. From the lighting, to the photographs (obviously), to the wall color selected, to the frames..I loved it.
 On a final fashion note…I’ve decided to go to a Gala/fundraiser this Spring in honor of a friend and the local Boys and Girls club. I’m not sure of the exact dress code, but wouldn’t it be fun to have an excuse to buy a gown and dress up? Here are a few beauties I’d like to wear. 
Classic black lace with a modern silhouette, I’ve always loved Monique Lhuillier dresses. This form fitting one looks like it would be flattering on. 

I love navy when the shade is right. It also would work well with my light hair. This Michael Kors version is pretty.

You have to chose color wisely with gowns but for a Spring event this Emerald green dress nails it. Although I’d have to see how the pleats fall, I’m sure this model is a soaring 5’11”. (which I can be with heels) It’s also way out of my price range..but a girl can be inspired, can’t she?

or as my reader mentioned (see comment) I could go with a cocktail dress.. They’re sort of more my style and I’d wear it again…and’s some gorge cocktail dress (+ skirt) inspiration. I would love to find a feathered skirt to wear with a sequin top. I ADORE all of these looks.

Amy Maas

I stopped into Jules Place, a local art gallery yesterday. She represents some amazing artists from around the country. I find it’s sometimes tough to post photos of artist’s work because they lack the depth that the pieces have in person. Amy’s pieces are full of texture and have a high gloss finish. They’re gorgeous. I especially love some of her purple pieces, they’re unexpected and over sized. Here’s a bit about Amy’s process. I love the idea of painting to different types of music. 

Amy Maas:

“The new series is called “soundtracks”. Painting to music has always been integral to my work. I need the music to clear my mind – to make room for my thoughts and emotions to express themselves. by combining my two great loves of music and painting, I am able to concentrate and lose myself in the moment. I decided to paint to music I listen to this time, instead of using it as a background. Therefore each painting is a direct result of an actual soundtrack I listened to while painting.”


I went to New York for an extended weekend. It was a whirlwind but amazing time. Fashion week began the night I arrived so the city was abound with fashionistas. I flew down to meet a very sweet friend who was kind enough to invite me to stay with him at Andaz Hotel. (a peaceful escape from the craziness). We fit so much into this trip. Here’s a short photographic journey of some of the things I did and sites I saw. I was also able to catch Book of Mormon on Broadway! I know this sounds cliche, but I LOVE NY. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and is only a 45 minute flight from Boston.

From Top Left to Right:

1. Street artists painting the doors of Hotel Andaz. (Where I stayed)
2. Detail of sculptural at The Met
3. Tory Burch lucite and brass door pull detail. (Meat Packing District location)

4. View from the Boathouse in Central Park
5. Bryant Park

6. Painting Detail of Bohemia Lies by the Sea – Anselm Kiefer (and the color inspiration for my new room when i move)
7. Inside The Empire State Building

Page 2:

1. View from the top of The Empire State Building
2. NYC public library


3. Bryant Park – a great place for a late day beer
4. Sarcophagus detail at The Met – Greek


5. Children drawing at The Met – I love how involved they were!
6. A snapshot of the lounge area at The Standard, Highline