Shelter loves 9.28.12

pinning, loving, pinning this week! Have a fabulous weekend! xx

1. The Chinti and Parker heart sweater for Goop. Sadly I won’t be owning this one, it’s $515.00 and a bit out of my “snack bracket” for a sweater.
2. Soft cozy blankets exactly like this! similar blankets here
3. Love this brass bar cart and the price is right: Crate and Barrel
4. Adore these Sandy Hyun cuffs
5. The Chloe Erin riding boot. These would be perfection paired with jeans and a chunky knit sweater
6. Gwen poses perfectly on the cover of this month’s Bazaar! She’s 43 and still looks killer! Rock on Gwen!

turning inward

I’ve decided to embrace Fall, ’tis the season for nesting in my world. Cooking yummy comfort food, sipping warming cocktails, snuggling with a cozy blanket and a good book, and entertaining with great apps and music is on tap for me this Autumn. I love the idea of setting up a well stocked bar with vintage antique sterling accessories. Warm comforting hues and preppy “library” style are perfect right now….

1. The J.Crew cashmere collection is drool worthy
2. A little leopard goes a long way and would complete this look beautifully.
3. C. Wonder pillows
4. The velvet slipper is one of the “must” have comfies for this Fall. Tory Burch
5. My cocktail choice. (Maybe someday I’ll warm up to a good scotch, a sip or two is about what I can drink now). El Tesoro with a splash of sour, lime and salted rim carries me through the summer and into the Fall. (along with red wine of course)
6. The XX – coexist, this is their new album. I love this band’s cool sound.
7. I can’t wait to overhaul my glass collection when I move. These gold spotted beauties would work!! via Bed, Bath and Beyond.
8. I have one more classic book to read before the year’s end. (it was a part of my January resolution list).

Happy Fall to you!! xx

Counting down…

Good Morning! So if you live North of Manhattan you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from when I say, by early March I am VERY over the cold weather! Bostonians can’t help but repeat this phrase daily to one another right around NOW!  I went to college in Maryland, so I know the grass starts to turn green down there any day now. I miss having a southern spring!

The warm weather hasn’t arrived quite yet in Boston, but I can dream and scheme about it. To brighten my day and yours I thought I’d ease into the week with a fashion post. I’m counting the days until I can wear open toes, carry a light bag and feel the warm sun on my face! It hasn’t shined here in days!

The outfit pictured could take me from a design meeting to cocktails! It’s a simple layered look and is really all about mixing the idiosyncrasies of texture and pattern! It’s classic with an edge,  just the way I like things! Navy, emerald and aqua make a fabulous color combination!

on my radar this holiday season

1. My chunky pearls broke over Thanksgiving (at a bar, none the less, so the pearls scattered everywhere – garnered a bit of attention from the surrounding guys scrambling to help me pick them up, I actually thought that was very sweet. It’s time for a new set. This particular one is from Lauren Elan

2. A bit predictable? Yes. but I’ve always wanted a white grey hound statue for my home! This cutie is available through Pieces!

– Bee from Atlantic-Pacific wears them well.
– I love boxwood – they don’t fair so well in Boston during this time of year though!