Sunny on a dreary day

Honestly, I’m not going to beat around the bush. Life can suck. I’m actually trying to follow all of my advice and pay mind to the quotes I often share here and occasionally on “the book”.  For one reason or another each and every one of us experiences the highs and lows of life. (sometimes other people’s lives appear so picture perfect don’t they? I am guessing and learning, they aren’t) I pretty much believe you can fight through just about anything (as long as you have your mental and physical health) and often at times we even survive those terrible scares. I recently celebrated what I would call a “mile stone” birthday, you know, one of those years where you feel you cross over from “youngish” to “oldish”. I am there. I guess it is all relative but after these b-days I question my overall purpose more. Am I doing the right thing? Am I being all that I can be? At times I feel stretched so thin but have found through trial and error the only way to make it through all the bs life throws you (me) is with determination, courage and a positive attitude. I am working on becoming even more positive.

I think a lot of who I am as a person spills over into my work. When I can transform a drab, somewhat non-descriptive space or home into something beautiful, it is very rewarding! I’d have to say that is and has been one of my goals in life: to ultimately leave a little slice of this world more beautiful and help make people’s lives happier. (oh and of course to raise thoughtful, kind, fulfilled children) 

I think it is the reason I tend to gravitate towards color, amazing lighting and interesting graphics when designing.  I adore sophisticated spaces but don’t tend to design anything too serious! I mean isn’t life serious enough? Happiness is truly what most of us want to achieve in life, isn’t it? But I also want to share happiness with others……with each year I may be a pound heavier but I also feel a tad wiser.
Wow, it felt good to get that off my chest….I’ve also been writing down things that bother or sadden me and aspects of my personality I would like to change for the helps, try it out sometime.

Onto my post…..
It is dark and dreary here today..November tends to kick off the truly depressing weather in Massachusetts. This house tour featured in Lonny Magazine by Jenny Wolf Interiors speaks of what I said above. It’s fun and cheery with just the right amount of sophistication….the view doesn’t look too shabby either. 

Jenny Wolf Interiors, Photography by Patrick Cline. 

6 thoughts on “Sunny on a dreary day”

  1. Such pretty rooms. I love color, too. We've been having several weeks of crummy weather, where it just mists all day, just yucky. We finally had a sunny day today – which has been as cheerful as the color in these rooms!

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself, there are a lot of us out there in the same boat….balancing taking care of young children and families with a career and wondering what the heck it is all about. You'll figure it out…we all will…it is great that you are self-aware enough to care and express yourself.

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