Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…

of course little girls are usually a bit of snips and snails and puppy dog tails as well. I am currently in the beginning stages of designing two little girl’s rooms! I love creating children’s spaces..They’re fun and NEVER serious!! I was searching for a bit of inspiration! Of course I’ll share it with you!!

Girls’s rooms don’t have to be pink or purple…..

I love how this room isn’t too sweet.

Images: Palmer Weiss, Palmer Weiss, Phoebe Howard, Domino, Celerie Kemble, Celerie Kemble, Josephine Sasso, Domino, Katie Ridder, Eric Piasecki, Pottery Barn, Cookie Mag., Lisa Epley (see her entire home on La Dolce Vita), Elle Decor – Cynthia Rowley.

14 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…”

  1. great inspiration. I am about to redo my daughters room. I love it, but now she wants green. It's good to nurture their imagination, right?

  2. Hi Julie,
    I am in the mood to give my now three year ol' a room … she'll enjoy growing in … loved your ispirational ideas … I guess there so much to play around with in the girlie rooms … I just don't know where to start … but enjoyed your pictures … lovely 🙂

  3. LOVE the peace sign pillow! My daughter {turning ten}and she adores peace signs.. I love the "not pink or purple" rooms too.. I believe the largest source of inspiration would be the girls themselves.. How old are they? And are they sharing a room? I just love to do kids spaces too.. like you said, never too serious.. and I think while doing the rooms, we get the pleasure of remembering a few of our own childhood memories.. which is a nice break from the every day… It's such great timing.. these images you've posted.. I'm in the midst of redoing my four year olds bedroom, Paris Abella.. She has a large Eiffel tower like the one in the aqua room you have posted.. and a few small towers.. she still calls it "her tower" lol.. Perhaps I should tell her the truth? 😉 Great post and I look forward to seeing your work in progress!

  4. I agree. With small changes the room should grow with the child. I am designing two rooms. I'll post the end results. {as long as the client doesn't mind}

  5. Fabulous rooms. I was at my daughter's ballet class the other day (her Gr 2 exam is this week) and couldn't help thinking how sweet they all looked in their pink leotards, tights and hair in buns. No wonder they all love pretty things. I do like your image of the blue and green room though, just a bit more sophisticated and will last alot longer.

  6. I love the last pic..and the fact that Cynthia R used plain old caulking to make the designs and painted over… LOVE that idea…so chic and so inexpensive!

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