Still Pleasantly Surprised..

I spent the weekend in Vermont, one of my favorite places to cozy down + relax. I always bring a design magazine or two along. This weekend I brought Country Living. I’m instantly in a comfy mindset up North so I wasn’t at all disappointed with November’s issue. Country Living is a magazine I long ago abandoned but I decided to give it another shot after Domino, Cottage Living and a number of other design favorites folded. Well I’m so glad I decided to subscribe. Their fairly new editor does not disappoint, this revived magazine features a modern approach to Country Style. The homes covered are also a bit more accessible then some of the other design publications I receive.

This richly layered cottage is home to Caroline Scheeler the head buyer for Jayson Home and Garden. {above images}

I love the splashes of yellow used throughout this house!

14 thoughts on “Still Pleasantly Surprised..”

  1. Last month, I shocked myself when I purchased an issue of County Living from the newsstand. And I'll admit, I was a little embarrassed when a friend saw the magazine sticking out of my purse. In order to justify my purchase, I made him flip through the magazine with me, he was also surprised. This was not the magazine we remembered. This was chic, stylish and modern. Kudos the the new editor for the update and Kudos to you for sharing this newly revamped magazine with your readers!

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