Shelter’s Studio!

I was sitting in bed last night scrolling through Insta while simultaneously texting a good friend. This has been my typical way to unwind after a busy day and the often hellacious bedtime duty with my charming children. 😉 (last night was not too bad, I only had to break up one fight between the kids). I mentioned to my friend that it’s amazing how pulled together and perfect most people’s lives look through social media. Mine at times feels anything but that. I should also get back to reading before bedtime but sometimes I am just too tired and have trouble focusing my brain on the words! If that makes sense. I do however appreciate a glimpse inside and behind the scenes of people’s lives, especially the creative types. Today, I’m sharing a peek at mine. I’ve since moved my office to another location but every single item remains basically the same. Here’s where you will find me creating schemes, devising drawings, corresponding with clients and of course blogging!! I prefer light and airy spaces to dark and I find color uplifting and engaging. I’m continually updating my inspiration board behind me. Thanks for stopping by today! xoxo  (all photography by Ann-Marie Rollo – she also sells beautiful prints)
I have had a few people inquire about the beach print. It is by Max Wanger, you can purchase it here!

9 thoughts on “Shelter’s Studio!”

  1. Love, love love your perfectly styled and colorful office space. You must find it is such a cheerful and uplifting part of your home. I can see where all your good ideas are generated. 🙂

  2. A tranquil yet energizing space to work. Would love the resource for the beach photography art???
    It pairs well with your lamp!

  3. Congratulations it looks lovely. I especially like the photograph of the beach scene. Well your life looks pretty perfect and you know what really goes on so I guess that is what is happening in everyone else's lives too. Ha ha.

  4. Its lovely to see ur office space. Its quite impressive to see the color combination of white with pink flowers n blue in the Table Lamp! Great Going !!


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