Shelter Loves….Monday edition!

I’m kicking off Monday with my loves! Have a fabulous week. This summer has been a whirl wind. We are getting lucky with some amazing weather and I am enjoying lots of beach and boating weekends with my family and friends- my first loves! Here are the deets and thoughts from last week.

1. I have a ton of costume jewelry. I store it in a similar way. I am thinking I should inch out an area similar to this to store it all! I find if I can see my jewelry I wear it more often.  I love Gen’s designs, this is her home. 

2. Olivia looking perfect as usual. This dress is darling and will come in handy for my P-town trip this weekend. Purchase dress here

3. Yes! Especially the crazy days with my children. The years seem to pass so quickly even though some days drag on and on…… 😉

4. This is a perfect staple work shoe for me! Purchase at the Nordstrom sale here

5. I’m a dreamer and a thinker. I try to practice mindfulness but being a business woman I tend to think ahead and plan for the future. If I stay in my home I dream of adding on either a top floor or making it an expansive ranch…I have a pinterest folder designated to the entire design. I pinned this image today via Eddie Ross/Better Homes and Gardens. He is a master stylist!

6. This is the BEST mascara! Find a great deal here

1 thought on “Shelter Loves….Monday edition!”

  1. #3 is SO true.
    As for adding on, my mom wanted to enlarge her kitchen the entire 56 years she lived in her house–right up until she moved into assisted living. But seriously? She never needed the extra space. There's lots of research out there on how homes aren't good investments and you're best off with the smallest home you can stand instead of the biggest one you can afford.

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