Shelter Loves…..

Wow, thirsty Thursday already? I’ve been working all morning on a pretty exciting project! I’ll be ready for a drink tonight, fo sho…. I’m currently addicted to pumpkin ale with the cinnamon-sugar rim…Yum!

Here’s what I’m eyeing this week!

1. This bracelet by Taylor and Tessier. I kinda want it for my bday! I collect bracelets…:)
2. Yes, to leopard heels.  I need a pair but I have an issue with high heels staying on my, you got it, “heel”, when I walk. Do you?? I guess this pair would solve that problem!
3. I’m loving this peaceful space.
4. My boyfriend would love this quote. I’m HUGE on communication but sometimes you just have to let things go to the universe..(and not talk them to death)
5. This is going in my bathroom! – it’s a sculpture by Jade Rude view more work here.
6. Is there a beauty product you can’t live without? My pick would be mascara.

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