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Who doesn’t love Fridays???!!! I love my “job” but we all need a break to refuel…Had a great week over all work wise, hoping you did too. I have been feeling pretty inspired lately, I will get more into that next week! Here is what I am loving right now. I am heading up North today to sip pumpkin ale (yes, with the rim!!) and see some foliage! Cheers my loves! xx

Here goes it….

1. I’ve got a thing for navy. In fact, I’m using it on a project right now. Yes, please to a navy island!!!
I just finished a kitchen design up yesterday. I can’t wait to share it this December.
2. So true, working on this. There is plenty of shiz to worry about in life. Save it for the big stuff. The little things need not be complicated. And this applies to design too….
3. This OP necklace is pretty killer. Buy it here
4. Plaid, ’tis the season for plaid. I want another cozy flannel plaid shirt for this weekend!!
5. I love travel bags. It seems I can’t get enough…I adore these one of a kind looks from: Will Leather Goods.
6. I think I need to try this.
7. So my dream is to build a house someday, but lately I am thinking adding on to my little ranchola would not be a bad idea either..Land is so expensive around here. This is a sweet entrance.

2 thoughts on “Shelter Loves…”

  1. When we moved back to the US from Argentina, I had visions of old charming Victorians and Colonial homes .. I ended up with the house I like least of all … a ranch house. It was painted barn red with white trim. goodgod.
    So we had it painted a grey green olive color and all black doors and trim and a red brick walk and it actually looks pretty pretty good. Now if someone would buy it I will be content. maybe.

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