Shelter Loves…

Wow, this week flew by didn’t it?? I was so busy with design work…I have kitchens on my mind. I presented a total reworked floor plan to a client today, that included taking down walls and redesigning out two bathrooms and a kitchen..My client seemed to love it! One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is creating something from nothing and watching it all come together! Here’s what’s happening in my (our world)!
1. If you must know, unless I am going out or heading to a client meeting I live in yoga wear on the weekends. I mean I am all for looking chic, but yoga gear is so comfy and I can pop into the gym if I am dressed for it! I’m partial to certain brands because of the fit. This zip hoodie is on my radar. Purchase it here
2. We spent a couple of hours on Valentine’s cards here last night…My daughter was all about it, which was really sweet. Maybe I’ll even get around to making these cup cakes with her!! Image via: The Cake Blog.
3. I try to remember this when speaking to my children! 
4. Okay, so I’m investing in some new desk accessories. This image is so soft and sophisticated, I’m ordering something from this pretty in pink and brass mix…Find all the links to these items here
5. I am itching to go to Europe. Zermatt, Switzerland tops my list of places I would love to visit someday..Do I go in the Summer or Winter is the question?? ( I do ski!)
6. Like I said, I have kitchens on the mind. This is a classic beauty. Black and white never goes out of style.
7. Loving this entire look and that sleeveless sweater coat! Yes, please! 
xoxo – A big hug and kiss to you this Valentine’s Day weekend! It’s not just for lovers……I use it as a reason to celebrate all the love in my life..

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