Shelter Loves….

Hola!! I’m getting back on track with my Friday “loves” post. I’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately. In the past three weeks I’ve traveled to The Bahamas, NYC and VT! I’ve been taking in the sites, sketching, working with fabulous clients and perusing my favorites, such as Insta and Pinterest.
Here is what has been motivating me lately!!

1. House Beautiful looks sooooo good this month!! My favorite project was by Summer Thornton. It’s pure perfection. And blue!! I love blue and my client’s seem to as well!
Speaking of blue, my bathroom is almost done and it’s a yummy mix of deep royal, black, pink, marble and white!! I honestly CANNOT even wait to have my house shot! I hope my photographer is ready…It’s going to be a long day…full of styling! eek!!

2. The off the shoulder dress or top is a “must have” this summer. I am waiting for a fabulous dress to arrive at my house! I ordered it a couple of weeks ago. I’ll share the link asap!!

3. Day beds! I adore day beds. This one from Serena and Lily is sculpture at it’s best.

4. Quote: ummm read and re-read. This is spot on. Life never turns out the way you imagined but it’s still great! (at least mine did not). I am thankful for all I have…. One of my dear friends has been in my thoughts daily…..she lost her sister just recently…these terrible and heartbreaking tragedies put everything else in perspective. Love you, S. xo

5. Mark D. Sikes has incredible style. This ring is on my wish list.

6. I love to cook but often don’t have tons of time to do it. I like simple, fresh recipes..I’ll be adding peaches to my caprese salads this summer! 

7. I’ve painted a few large canvases for my own home. I’m going to attempt a larger one like this with my kids!! Looks fun, minus the paint in the hair!!!! Maybe I’ll even have my good friend photograph us in action…love this idea.

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