Shelter Loves…

Wow, we really can’t get much warm weather around here! I’m not letting the cold get me down, Spring is still on my radar!! Here are my thoughts and finds this week:

1. I think I need these palm leaf and ivory sandals for my upcoming trip to Bermuda. They are on sale for less than $25 here!
2. When and if I turn my three season porch into a den, I’d like to include built in shelves and a recessed spot for the tele…these built ins are both glamorous and functional.
3. I LOVE the idea of floating large balloons above a table for my next event or bday party.
4. I’ve decided to take tennis lessons this summer. I’ll need a racquet bag of course. I’m a sucker for anything with a monogram.
5. I bought this Tocca watermelon scented candle last week. It is burning right now in my kitchen and has a perfect light fragrance. I wear Tocca – Collette perfume, it’s my favorite!!
6. I received this fabulous black, heavy-weight canvas bag as a gift last week. I’ll be using it all summer for the beach and farmer’s market! It’s from a wonderful company located in Brooklyn, NY- Cecil + Merl.

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