Shelter loves…..

1. I have to give a loving shout out to my hometown of Marshfield, Ma. I love living in this seaside town…but living near the water has drawbacks during large storms. I am thankful my home and family were all safe during the blizzard this week, but much of my town was under water and a number of people lost their homes due to the storm surge. My thoughts are with them! xo

The picture of the beach above is about five minutes from my home. The second picture (below it) was taken yesterday during the high tide. The water literally took over much of the small village area of Brant Rock. I have never seen this area so flooded in my life, the waves were crashing over the seawall and into homes. ( I grew up in Marshfield and am back after leaving for 17 years).

2. Sometimes we all need to remind ourselves of this…
3. I love a feminine mix of floral and leopard print. This image is making me rethink my daughter’s room rug choices.
4. Art is subjective, but these cheery watercolor prints by Sarah Martinez would add a beautiful pop of color to your home or office.
5. As you know Superbowl Sunday is this weekend! Go Pats! I am heading to a friend’s house. I think I may bring these. They look somewhat healthy, right?? This entire site is filled with yummy recipes.
6. I love layering graphic tees under blazers and sweaters this time of year.

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  1. I live in Upstate NY and I also was quite thankful that while I am snowed in, I and all my neighbors are fine and have heat etc. It was scary going into this , being alarmed by the news people but it was pretty much a non event. We got a ton of snow but woke up to sunshine.

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