Shelter Loves…

Wow, how is it Friday already!? I could have used a clone this week. Here is what caught my eye, along with my thoughts. Have a fabulous weekend my sweets!!

1. Have I mentioned I want a pool someday?…Yes, a pool along with five of these flamingos for all my guests! How fun would these look floating around.
2.  I am almost finished with my front yard gardening!!! Next up? The side yard. I love this classic look along with the white house!
3. Ines de La Fressagne is hands down one of my favorite fashion icons. I am buying this Lacoste polo for the summer! I’ll wear it with so many different looks!
4. Pineapples, pineapples. Pineapples seem to be everywhere lately! Good thing I love them. I’ll be mixing myself up a pineapple smoothie this weekend.
5. This is a classic summer espadrille with a splash of color. As you may know, I adore pink.
6.  I TRY!!
7. I signed up for tennis lessons this summer. YAY! I really am excited to learn how to play well. I need a racquet.
8. Switch out your pillows for a quick summer update!

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