Shelter Loves….

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a fabulous week. With February almost over we are certainly looking on the up and up weather wise around here! Although, if it’s warm one day and I allow my eight year old son to wear shorts to school and frigid the next day, my son isn’t happy. What is it with boys and sport shorts? Really, it’s winter buddy. My rule around here is they are a “no go” under 55 degrees. Anyhow, here’s what made me smile this week!!

1. YES! YES!
2. Off the shoulder tops are on my radar. This one was from the J.Crew 2016 Spring show, I also love this one.
3. and 4. I’ve been dying to go on a shopping spree lately……I love carrying little clutches, especially at night. I have a fold over version on my wish list. Clare V. has some of my favorites. This blush pretty would work with so many Spring and Summer looks. I think I need to add it to my cart! Top clutch link, bottom clutch.
5. Okay, not to get personal..but my belly has been feeling off lately. Maybe it comes with age? No idea but green smoothies, green juices and anti-bloating foods such as celery, ginger and avocado have been on my menu lately. Lots of exercise and less wine have been too. (yes, wine) Although, I’m looking forward to my 5 pm glass tonight! Here is a list of great green smoothies to try. Darn you father time, I want my flat belly back..
6. I came across these cool drawings by artist Rachel Perry yesterday. Her explanation on her artistic process of each “Chiral” drawing is pretty cool…I love the colors and organic feel.
7. Oops – I forgot to number the bathroom image. I am finally finishing up my bathroom. I’ve had to complete my home in stages, which I am sure most of you can relate to! Even most of my client’s enjoy that process. I would love to include a frameless shower door but not sure that’s happening in this home. I am however choosing to use a charcoal grout with the tiles, white is soo hard to keep clean looking and the graphic quality will work well with my black tiled floor! I cannot wait to have it all photographed this Spring/early summer!!! I’ll be moving onto the exterior when the inside is completed next month!!

 Peace out, have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Shelter Loves….”

  1. Smoothies are great. Lots of spinach plus whatever. My husband SWEARS by them (and he usually doesn't eat anything that didn't walk on four legs). Personally, I prefer to chew my veggies rather than drink them–you get more fiber.
    And may I say that Pilates is the greatest, greatest thing for a flat stomach. I had a baby at age 43 and it saved me. Not crunches. Pilates. It's miserable torture for an hour, but it works.

  2. Thank you!! If I drink a smoothie my goal is to use it as a meal replacement shake..I also love green juice, there's no way I'd ever eat a huge bunch of Kale if not! I've been doing Pilates a few time a month! I love it! I also run about three times a week, which in the best was great for my entire mid section.


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