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Hello Loves! Not sure where the day went. I think I am ready to finally embrace the Fall and all it’s coziness! Here is what is on my radar…Have a fabulous weekend!

1. This white bed room with layered details looks so inviting. It has always been a favorite. Sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go. I’ve been tweaking and simplifying things around my own home.
2. I hope to decorate the front of my house this weekend. I love the idea of mixing white and orange pumpkins with gourds and kale!
3. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week. I am guessing most people don’t complain about their everyday realities. That can lead to a false impression that everyone’s life but your own is all buttoned up. I am doubting that is the case!! Most of us have stresses both big and small. I have a small issue that becomes a daily hassle. My five year old is pretty controlling about her appearance. We usually go through two outfits every morning and a battle about brushing her hair. I can only imagine what it will be like in ten years. I dream of her letting me braid her hair like this! It would look so beautiful and not hang in her face. I can’t tell you how many pretty and pricey barrettes she has lost. I know in the scheme of things it’s not a big deal but the mornings can be a little nuts around here, even if we do get up extra early!! 
4. Amen

– I am all about buying wardrobe staples. Basically this means pieces that last for years and are too cool and/or classic to ever really go out of style. Moto boots are on this list. Here are three looks and at all different price points!

5. Boot (far left by Jimmy Choo)
6. Center
7. Far right

4 thoughts on “Shelter Loves”

  1. It is mostly being a 5 year old.
    Mine did too. Actually, so did my son lol
    They are getting their independence, they are having a say in how they dress or wear their hair.
    Let her be .. relax . my daughter went to school in some pretty horrible outfits when she was going through her red dress stage.

  2. I bought the Argentine equivalent of Girl Biker boots when living in Buenos Aires and they remain my favorite boot of all time. They are quilted like a Burberry coat .. comfortable, warm and stylish. I will be 90 years old and still wearing them lol

  3. I have a daughter who is now 13 – she was also so particular about what she wore, it could not be uncomfortable at all and shoes were the worst. My unsolicited advice to you is to just let your daughter choose what she wants to wear (I only got involved on special occasions) and let her choose between really short hair or combed hair (this wasn't a battle of mine but friends have had similar issues). It is not worth the fight or stress and when you let it go so will she. I'm sure there will be times when your daughter is cold or hot or uncomfortable but those are all good lessons : ) My daughter's taste is so different from my own but she always loves what she wears and we don't buy a lot because as we have learned she will still only wear her favorites and thankfully she wears a uniform to school so no battle there! Good luck and enjoy – 10 years will go by in a flash!

  4. Thank you, thank you!! I know it is just a phase and she is getting better at brushing her hair!! The outfits don't bother me as much as the knots that form in her hair! She won't let me touch it….:))

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