Shelter Loves…

TGIF, besides my earlier rant that I am dealing with, I can’t really complain. This week, one of my fabulous clients flew me to Texas to help her with the design on her homes. We were in the city and the country, it was a great trip and the eighty degree temperatures helped to lift my spirits. Here’s what is on my mind today.

1. We are stuck in a cold rut here in Boston. I’m craving warmth and color. This pretty beaded necklace would do. 
2. I’m adoring the feminine details and springy mix of color in this little girl’s room.
3. This is true but sometimes difficult to master.
4. Spring, where are you??? I want to wear adorable, light clothing, like this TB top.
5. Okay, so about Texas….There were so many pretty homes and great restaurants there. It was really exciting to see that my client had some wonderful furniture pieces to work with and a fabulous art collection….see more on #6. She also took me to her farm house, which we have been working on remotely. The countryside and her home were gorgeous and frankly just what I needed. The world works in mysterious ways. 
6. My client had a number of these crosses in an array of sizes. They are hand made of ceramic by the artist Barbara Biel, available in an array of sizes, they can be hung on the wall or used as paper weights. I’m absolutely getting one to hang in my bedroom. I love the hearts too.  

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