Shelter Loves…

I’ve had a very productive week but I am always happy to see Friday. Thank you to my parents for helping out with the kiddies during this vacation week! I have been designing like crazy, so I’m feeling pretty inspired. I have a number of amazing projects at all different stages. I’ll be sure to share a “happenings” post soon! Here is what is on my radar.

1. Okay, I’ll come clean. My heat is still on 70. It’s very chilly here today and I refuse to sit around and freeze. This will basically be my attire when we take the kids out for pizza tonight. I also must be getting old because if I’m not going to a client meeting I’m a pretty casual dresser. Luckily it’s a trend! I am buying these espadrilles today. (another trend I love) I am on the fence as to which color

2. I never tire of stripes. I just started a design project with a client I worked for in the past. She has fabulous taste and also loves stripes. She used stripes in her the hallway of her brownstone and now we need to find a place to incorporate them into her new home. Stripes in a hallway add interest to what is often just circulation space. Why not make it beautiful? Image: Elle Decor

3. Matty cleared out the side yard at my home.(Thanks baby!!) It looks great. Now it is my turn to start planting. I’m going to devise a plan and have decided to incorporate pale pink Poppies. I love the warm pink contrasted with the black center. (side note: Poppy is also our cat’s name)

4. I adore chinoiserie. This fabric would be a great starting point for a  little girl’s room.

5.  I love the idea of using a fretwork pattern on a porch or as a stair baluster.

6.  I’ve been looking for an inexpensive mirror for my daughter’s room. (I’ll do anything to try and get her to brush her hair!!!!! ) This one is a great deal.

7. I’m getting good at this!! I credit my divorce. See, something good always comes from something bad!

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