Shelter Loves

I am winding down my busy week with cozy and warm thoughts today. The wind is whipping and the leaves are falling in Boston. Cheers to a fabulous fun filled weekend my friends! xo

1. I love the warmth of tortoise shell. These over sized earrings would look flattering on everyone. Earrings
2. I’ve always had a love for colorful tweeds. This dress is amazing, Jules does it again.
3. I agree!
4. I’m in a cozy sweatshirt mood. I’m loving the creamy white shade and raglan sleeves on this one. 
5. One of my fall favorites is squash soup. I am due to make a batch and need to buy a slow cooker! Recipe here. I may just do both this weekend. 
6. This is a sweet design moment. I could snuggle up right now and take a nap next to that pooch.

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