Shelter Loves…

I awoke to a sunny day and beautifully white coated trees. We received about five inches of snow last night. I’m not going to complain about our extended winter here in Boston but what I’d really love to see is springy pastels, and daffodil flowers. I’m ready to wear my girlie treasures and may be adding that adorable feminine blouse and floral cuff to my “wish list”. Happy Spring + weekend!

1. I’m dying to paint a room in a pale pastel shade, preferably the perfect blend of pale minty green and aqua blue. This room is designed by Melanie Turner.

2. I’d love to build a design around this painting’s fabulous array of subtle color. by Lindsay Cowles

3. Hello, pretty, you belong on my arm.

4. I like to purchase unique blouses, but they can be tough to find. This feminine, flirty top is so pretty.

5. A leap of faith!

6. This is my everyday shade!

4 thoughts on “Shelter Loves…”

  1. The bedroom is gorgeous! We just painted our beach house bedroom the most scrumptious shade of pale aqua and I love it. I usually have such a hard time getting colors I like, but this one was just right. So wish I had that bracelet on my arm for the weekend, too…gorgeous!


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