Shelter Loves

I’m heading down to Atlanta today to work on an exciting venture! I’m thrilled to be heading someplace warmer for a few days. Hopefully, I’ll return to better temps and budding trees later this week. I hope to share a blog post or two but thought I’d start off this week with what is inspiring me! Have a wonderful week!

1. + 2. I adore the pretty pink, cheery shades of cherry blossoms. They also make gorgeous indoor arrangements.
3. LOVE this bling, bling of a cocktail ring by Aerin.
4. I suggested this fixture to a client a few months ago. It’s a great price and looked so cute in the space.(link to come)
5. ACK trip possibly? via Kayce Hughes
6. The back of this Tibi top is adorable. I’m always searching for cute shirts to wear out at night..
7. I’m inspired by the classic styling of this cabinet interior. I set aside a few Jackie O. covers of original life magazines from my grandmother’s home. I may need to borrow this idea.

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