Shelter Loves…

Good Morning! I had a very successful trip in Chicago with Ace Hardware but after a long week, there is nothing as relaxing as a peaceful Sunday morning. I even got to sleep in, which is a rare treat around here. I was really inspired by all this goodness last week:

1. This fabulous sugar scrub is a BC BEST seller. A few of my friends have been raving about it. I desperately need to exfoliate my and soften up my skin after a long hectic summer….Order here

2. Fall fashion is my favorite and not many do it better than Giovanna Battaglia. Her style is eclectic but always classic. 

3. I usually wear one statement piece with an outfit. This chunky necklace would mix beautifully with a fall palette of caramel, cream and cocoa!

4. Fall is all about transitional pieces for warm or cool weather and layering. I would wear this classic t-shirt under a blazer. I was kicking myself for not having a sweater/jkt to wear at the convention center last week..Brrr I froze my butt off!

5. I’m crazy over black woodwork…I’d love a built in cocktail bar to store all of my glassware and dishes. This would be a dream while hosting a party.

6. Much of the architecture in Chicago is inspired by the Art Deco era. I could admire the intricate details and ornamentation found on many of the buildings all day. This included the hotel I stayed at

7. Amen

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