Shelter Loves..

Que pasa, lovies and happy Friday! I’m sharing all the “great stuff” that crossed my path this week.

1. Hoping all the feminine details and moments I’m seeing in fashion are a sign of good things to come! Are you jumping on the frilly train? I secretly have a little girl (and an 80 year old woman) in me, so I’m in. This dress is stunning.
2. and so is this top!
3. I’ve always been in awe of a talented calligraphist! Some day when I have an hour to myself I’m going to enroll in a class or two and try my hand at this wonderful art. Anne Robin is such a talent, see for yourself here
4. Grace Bonney’s latest book, In The Company of Women, beautifully compiles advice, quotes and inspiration from over 100 artist and entrepreneurs. This will be on my gift giving list for sure. 
5. I’m currently having some custom storage built for a client. I can’t wait to see it installed next week. I lined the top drawers (on her side anyway) with hot pink velvet and we also used lucite and brass pulls – yum! I’ll design something like this for myself at some point, I am OVER DUE for a large closet.
6. It’s high time for a new watch. I like this one!!
7. I’m an over thinker! I love this thought.
8. THIS amaze coat was on J.Crew recently and now it’s already sold out!! I have a thing for soft, fluffy jackets and coats. I own three. J.Crew, please bring this back – it is so FUN! It was on the site yesterday and it’s gone today.

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