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Happy Friday and first day of Spring!! (Whaaaaa? Could have fooled me) I have a cold and this morning I was dealing a very unhappy little five year old. (She wanted to stay home) but the afternoon is looking up! I have plans for a quiet evening, which I am thrilled about. Matty is off to watch bball with all of his basketball buddies. I plan to sit in with my kiddos and some childhood friends!
Every week, I am continually looking for inspiration for my projects, designs, wardrobe.. Here are the moments that made me happy this week and cheered me up this a.m.! ( I needed it, grrr )

1. If I was independently wealthy I would do a slew of things but one would be to bake more “pretty” treats with my daughter. She loves to cook and bake. I just have a hard time trying to fit in much baking these days. This cake is so sweet, it’s a little piece of sculpture. The recipe and design instructions are here. Creating something beautiful from scratch is one of my favorite things to do! (hence my job choice!)
2. I would love to jump into this image today. I am so over the cold!!!
Image by Slim Aarons.
3. I’ve been loving beaded bags lately. Star Mela has some cuties. Image: Sincerely Jules
Purchase: #4. here #5. here!
6. I dream of building a house. I’ve always been drawn to Capes. This home is so pretty, isn’t it?
7. Yes, yes, yes. I am working on this….
8. I love art that perks up a room. Springy colors mix well in most settings. Purchase this original signed piece here

Peace out – Have a great weekend. xx

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