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Thank god for Fridays! (insert prayer emoji).  In keeping with my life, my week was a little cray but I am thankful for that. Busy weeks mean more fabulous clients and healthy kids, all good things in my book. Here is what has been on my radar…..I LOVE finding inspiration in everyday life, so if you see something you are dying to share never hesitate to drop me a line or an email with something great!
Wishing you a fabulous and peaceful weekend…

Here we go….

1. Hand woven tapestries like this one from India will infuse your interior with depth and interest. What is really better than something hand made?? I would hang this on a dark wall for contrast.
2. This image resonated with me..First off, I wear my hair like this all  most of the time and her outfit looks like something I would wear to hang out on the weekend. Oh and I start every morning with a hot cup of green tea…
3.  How fun are these??? Resort wear anyone?? Find them here.
4. A simple thought with powerful results!!
5. Okay, I need to google research to see if magnolia leaves would actually survive two weeks in New England but I love the idea of having these beautiful greens woven into my wreath. (have I mentioned I love natural holiday decor?) Purchase this wreath on Etsy here.
6. This stewart plaid shirt is pretty cute, love the way they have it styled here!! (not sure I am the bow tie type though)
7. A bank of windows above a sink opens up a kitchen beautifully. If I get the chance to build or rehab a larger someday, this is something I will do!

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