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A happy Fri-yay it is indeed. Summer has arrived here in Boston, most likely only for a few days but either way, the weather has been amazing and actually hot (97)! I won’t complain, I will however spend this weekend changing over my wardrobe (since it was 50 degrees out last week and could return to that temp next week). Here is what’s on my mind and radar! Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!!

1. THIS, THIS THIS! I am very guilty of going over things in my head a million times. I try to solve problems and worry about things that are truly out of my control. I will always worry and be genuinely concerned about people’s well being. I know there will always be stress in daily life. I recently read if you move with the stream instead of trying to work against the current, life will be easier. Think about it? It’s a simple analogy but makes so much sense. I have learned, especially over the past five years that a lot (NOT all) of our mindset begins with us and how we view the world and respond (or not) to others. We only have control over our own thoughts (they are powerful) and have to work at not taking the set backs and let downs too personally. I have been truly trying to focus on the good and let “love over fear” be my guide – I am applying this mantra to every aspect of my life. (wow that was a ramble).

2. I drink green tea every morning. I may switch to drinking matcha from time to time. It’s full of good “stuff”. I just need to find a caffeine-free version. If you know of one please do share.

3. A great pair of earrings can change my mood in an instant. I pair statement ones with very simple tops!! These look really fun on. 

4. Emily Henderson transformed her patio. It looks amazing!! I need a patio desperately. I love the idea of a cement tile. 

5. Summer dresses are a staple of mine. This one looks flattering and I can actually wear a bra with it.

6. My kids are always on the hunt for sea glass. I find it in little piles around the house and I don’t like too much clutter but I did start to gather them up and put them in a glass bowl. I think they’ll enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor, so to speak and when grouped together it really does look pretty and not too “thematic”. I like the way Elizabeth displayed hers.

7. Ever since I had kids my hips get sore after I sit for a long period of time, yoga helps, especially yin. Here are some poses to help lift and strengthen your booty

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