Shelter Loves

A varied mix of goodies caught my eye this week. My slight obsession with Aerin Lauder’s style continues along with a love of all things blue! Have a fabulous and cool weekend.
It’s hot as hades here in Boston this week! The issue in the northeast is most old homes don’t have central air or ac at all for that matter!

1. One of Aerin Lauder’s homes. I love the colors and feel of this entire photo.
2. I may need to include a little bling in my new crib.
3. I adore Chloe bags, including this blue version of the “Marcie”
4. I always have my eye out for unique, oversized lamps. Loving this one!
5. I am definitely using this Quadrille print in my new bedroom design!
6. I was sorry to hear of the passing of designer David Collins. I especially love his design of the Langham hotel in London.

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