Shelter Loves

I woke up to a 25 degree morning here in the burbs of Boston. The warm spell was fun while it lasted!! I am now gearing up for the chilly months ahead. Here is what’s on my radar this week. I’m big on cozy clothes, homes and welcoming lighting!!

1. I’m loving all the tartan plaid scarfs around this season!! You can’t go wrong with plaid this time of the year.
2. I am loving this faux fur hat and the price tag.
3. I’m always trying to keep my hair as shiny and healthy as possible. I want to try this shampoo!
4. Love the idea of a simple vanity set up in lieu of a table or dresser next to the bed.
5. I don’t agree with everything Coco did, but I usually love her quotes!
6.  Wow, I’ve got to use this new dandelion light fixture from Remains Lighting.

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