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There is lots going on here at Shelter and on the home front!!! I’ve been cranking on a number of projects at home and for my fabulous clients! A big thank you to Matty for being my own personal landscaper. (Dad thank you for your hard work too) We’ve been making some big changes around here. I’ve been working on the inside of the house while he’s been working on the outside. I do love to plant so that’s my domain. Matty ripped out the walkway he made last year (It was bothering him) and I’ve been devising my garden ideas. We’re going with a sea side cottage feel but with a fun twist (of course). ( I am focusing on one section of the yard this summer)

On a work note, I’ve been as busy as can be. I’m at various stages within each project but I do plan on wrapping up a couple this summer! I’m hoping to finally get them photographed along with my own home!! (beyond excited for that). Our office furniture etc. should be arriving soon too. Yay!

Here is what I have been inspired by lately:

1. Aging can be a strange journey. I feel great about what I’ve accomplished and thankful for another year but am seeing a few more life lines and seem to need to run harder to stay as fit lately! (more to come on my new beauty regime) I think when it comes down to it, we all need to embrace the here and now and follow Brigitte’s advice.

2. I’m working with one client who is pretty sure she wants to use black painted frames and panes in her home. I’ve been pulling all sorts of images and inspiration for her. If you follow my Pinterest boards you can usually get a sense as to what we are working on here at Shelter. #Pickwick project

3. I’ve been loving refined but interesting jewelry lately. 

4. Lemon yellow and navy have been on my radar this Spring.

5. I find it hard to find cute sundresses but I live in them when the weather gets hot here. When I find a cute one, I scoop it up.

6. I am all about stripes during the summer! I never regret purchasing classics.

Hope your week is off to a great start!! xx

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