Shelter Loves…..

Happy Fri-yay. (I kept thinking it was Thursday all day) I managed to fit in about seven meetings and a bunch of great designing this week!! I’m about ready for some down time, how about you???? Here are my loves on this gorgeous day! Have a great weekend. xx

1. Brass buttons…I don’t know, it’s just something about them I love!
2. This moment at Kelly Wearstler’s home is perfect. Look at those doors and the peek inside of this lovely house.
3. Jessie and Brian from Loeffler Randall have created a dynamic company with some of the best shoes out there!! These little booties are calling my name. find them here.
4. I like the simplicity of this pendant…I would order the brass.
5. Aside from being sick…:(  I believe you have the ability to solve almost any problem. I like this thought!
6. So of course the topic of convo on the fashion blogs this week is Spring 2016 Fashions! Fashion week was a big hit in NYC. I’d have to say Tory Burch did not disappoint. Her “beauty in unexpected places” is the perfect mix of bohemian with a touch of prep! LOVE. I need that orange top!

I’m signing off for the day……..cheers!

Jessie and Brian

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