Shelter Loves..

Happy St. Paddy’s day. Irish or not, I think we can all appreciate a little emerald green (and kisses)! It’s long been a favorite shade and flattering on most. Boston is a very Irish city (obvs.) so people go a little bananas around here today. I’m running a road race tomorrow morning, so I’ll be sitting on my butt, in sweats, watching March Madness basket-ball tonight. I fill out a bracket every year, it’s fun to watch the games! 

Cheers, Mo chairde. 

1. I adore patterned shades and you can’t go wrong with Peter Dunham’s fiddle leaf iconic print. Purchase shades and sconces at Furbish
2. Sophie’s whimsical art and mobiles are adorable. My daughter loves to draw butterflies, we’ll have to try something like this out!
3. Floral prints and emerald suede = yes, please.
4. Lace details on tops are so feminine. Find this one here
5. ????
6. Love me an Irish Blessing, this is a great one. 
7. I need to focus on the exterior of my house this Summer. I am toying with the idea of a white exterior and shutters with a deeper shade on the door. Someday I would love to redo the facade and incorporate a copper awning similar to this!

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