Shelter Loves..

Happy Friyay lovies!! I just realized this post is exploding with color and pattern. I guess that’s what is on my mind this week! One of my goals as a designer/blogger is to create beautiful things and spread joy (yes, corny sounding I know)! Have a great weekend and Father’s Day!! xx

1. I’ve been into simple but detail spaces lately. This dining area is layered with loveliness. via House Beautiful. 
2. Climbing roses. I will grow these one day, I can only hope they would look this gorgeous. 
3. If I had more time, I would do things like bake adorable cookies with my daughter. The issue is, I would also sit around and eat them!
4. I enjoy reading on the beach and am in search of a new page turned. I may give this one a shot. Have you read anything that is difficult to put down lately? 
5. YES! We all overthink. I’ve been working on this one! Let it go, we give too much power to our thoughts. 
6. This dress – holy cuteness!!
7. I love a good hat, this one from J.Crew is a beauty. 

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