Shelter Loves…

Isn’t it amazing how one “event” can throw off your entire week and thinking? Let’s face it life gets kind of blah in the winter for most, right?? I’ve been trying to be positive this winter (I don’t have any travel plans but skiing) and yesterday just kind of threw me off…ugh..onward and upward I guess.

I needed a bit of pretty today to lift my spirits. I hope you all are surviving the cold and having a good week!!

1. Yes!! I needed to remember this yesterday. Composure is a hell of a lot chicer than craziness. I did vent to my boyfriend, mom and sister though. (thanks guys)
2. I own and love this vest. I’ve been trying to work out whenever I have a free moment. I need to lose the holiday 6 lbs I gained. This is a great casual layering vest to wear with jeans or yoga pants.
3. Paris has been on my mind..sending them my thoughts and prayers.
4. I am throwing a jewelry making and cupcake decorating birthday party for my daughter’s 5th birthday next week. I am thinking pink frosting and white cupcakes. The girls can then decorate their own. I thought this was a clever way to organize the sprinkles…. (image below)

5. I’m going to start to buy fresh flowers for my home when I can. They instantly cheer me up.
6. I still adore this peony wallpaper and how it looks in a little girl’s room.
7. Getting some tinsel tassels for my daughter’s room!! I am going to hang it along with a gold glitter name sign above her bed! There are a bunch available on ETSY.
peace out.. xx

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