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It’s amazing what a 45 degree Friday can do for your state of mind! We’re cooking with ideas over here at Shelter….Here’s what I’ve had my eye on this week. If you’re looking for more inspo and you don’t follow me on Pinterest, find me here

1. I have naturally wavy hair and may try to embrace the curl more. I’m going to try this with my barrel roller iron. Her hair is fabulous!!
2. + 4. I have been obsessed with Pyne Hollyhock fabric for some time and need to find a project for it! It was originally used by the great Albert Hadley in the early 1960’s on his client Nancy “Princess” Pyne’s home in New Jersey. It still feels fresh today.
3. AMEN.
5. Yes, ruffles are still hot for Spring! I’ve been eyeing this sweater for a while. It may need to come and live in my closet. 
6. I don’t think I’m a candidate for a capsule wardrobe but I do need to refine my closet and purge anything I haven’t worn in two years! I want to organize my things so I can ACTUALLY see my clothing….Image via
7. Jules always looks adorable. I love how a casual outfit can still feel uber chic.
8. Okay, so my parent’s got these wonderfully yummy caramels as a gift. (I would know, I ate about four) They are hand crafted using the milk from 40 of the most adorable goats (I have a soft spot for goats) in southern Vermont. Their branding, the couple’s concept and the farm all look perfect. I plan to visit “Big Picture Farm” with my children on one of my trips up North this Summer!! (more photos of the farm below)

People and places like are what make Vermont feel like my home away from home!! (insert heart and prayer hands)

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