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Happy Saturday. Well Matty got back from the Olympics and had a great time! I mean how could you not, right? I’ve been tuning in the past few days. The athletic ability, endurance and commitment these competitors have is inspirational! It also makes me want to bump up my exercise routine a bit and push myself harder. I’m finding I need to work twice as hard to look and feel the same as I did five years ago. * if you are under 35 you don’t need to worry about this yet! Read on to find out what is exciting me this week!

1. The Olympics. I was reading Michael Phelps’ back story the other day. It is pretty remarkable how swimming and letting go of past hurt really saved his life and career. Some of his remarks mentioned never giving up on yourself in life. We all go through tough times at one point or another. I thought this quote summed up this concept well. “NEVER STOP LOOKING UP”! The stars do come out and the sun will (does) shine again!

2. I’m all about this relaxed look lately. The orange and blue mixed with the graphic stripes, bag and scarf are all working for me today! Purchase a similar feeling shirt here. I’m loving Mark D. Sikes stripes collection! They are classic but updated!

3. This is basically the “it” boot of the Fall season. I have seen this style in an array of colors and heights but the narrow heel covered in the same fabric as the body of the shoe is a must have! I also love how this bootie can be dressed up or down.

4. This painting has great movement. See it or purchase here – by Gudrun Mertes-Frady

5. Wow, this tile! Justina Blakeney’s home is in House Beautiful this month. This bathroom is not for the faint of heart but Justina is never afraid to take risks with her style. I love the handmade quality of these beautiful blue tiles. By Fireclay Tile. The recessed vintage mirror and brass fixtures are also stunning.

xx – Julie

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