Shelter Loves…

What’s up birdies! Holy sh*t, this day could not get here fast enough. I know I usually try to spread positive mojo around on Shelter but I can’t sugar coat this week! It blew. (I know there are far greater issues in the world than my own but stress is stress) I am so happy to see Friday and am pretty psyched about all the gorgeous visual things going on in the world.  Here are my top picks to end this week on a GOOD note!!!

1. I have a thing for most animal prints. This shirt is ON SALE. Grab yours before I do!!!  It’s so versatile – with jeans, over a dress, with shorts, mixed with hot pink. I could go on.
2. I may be dating myself but remember when hoops were all the rage? They are back! These are super fun and summery feeling
3. I would love an open floor plan similar to this!! I did flip my entire living room around this week. I’m liking it!!
4. YES!! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, grandmothers and people who take on the great responsibility of mother hood. You are amazing, don’t ever forget that!!!! It is the HARDEST job ever but I am grateful for the blessing every day. And if you are working on becoming a mother, I pray your dreams come true! I know all about the waiting game and how painful it can be. xoxo
5. I’m loving this pretty rug! Rugs beautifully transform spaces.
6. I wish my home were larger, I would most likely entertain more often. Be sure to check Moda Operani and Cabana’s collaboration and tips on summer party planning.

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