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Hi all! It’s 11:30 am and I’ve gone to breakfast and snuck in a full workout! I’m keeping the pace up and finally have ten minutes to sit down and finish this post that I started on Friday. My kids missed three days of school last week (2 due to snow) and I’m praying they have school tomorrow! I’ve got things all bright and sunny on my mind today! (and in general)

1. Zanna Roberts Rassi’s layered, textural play room is sophisticated and fun. I am definitely getting those pillow cases for my bedroom! I recently changed the color palette to pink, cocoa, white and coral with hints of gold and I’m liking it! Now to narrow down the wallpaper choice! I’m thinking something organic and cool for the little bathroom. I love most of the One King’s Lane home tours and room redo’s!
2. Audrey was fabulous and so are most of her quotes.
3. Charlotte Rampling’s carefree, natural style is a favorite. My daughter prefers to wear her hair tousled too.
4. I’ve been eyeing Teil Duncan’s oversized figure studies.
5. Not sure I’ll ever tire of stripes…Every season I find a new version to purchase! I love how this dress is a bit more fitted. I am all for a long maxi dresses but some of them aren’t very flattering unless you’re tiny!
6. I could collect sunglasses…haha. I think I need this pink pair for Florida!
7. Okay, so I’ve been obsessed with Cassie De Pecol’s amazing stories and her mission to visit every country around the world. Her Instagram account and drive are fabulous!! Read more about her journey and goal here.  She has a passion for “women’s achievement while promoting peace”. (insert 10,000 likes!!!) Read more about Cassie’s – Expedition 196 here.

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