Shelter Loves…

So I’m trying to ignore the fact that it is snowing out today, because all I really want to wear is sandals and cute tops like the one pictured above!!! My client’s have been focused on redoing kitchens and bathrooms lately, which I guess is a good thing. There are so many amazing details to consider. Have a perfect weekend!! xoxo 

1. I swear by Beautycounter eye cream. It has a little boost of caffeine in it, I think that really helps with puffiness.
2. This entire outfit. That is all!!
3. I love the organic pottery light fixtures designed and made by Heather Levine. I hope I get to have one installed someday!
4. I’m using this Ann Sacks tile on a bathroom project, it’s pretty fabulous!
5. Indeed!
6. I adore sandal season, these Rag and Bone beauties adorable.
7. I’m all about making fresh, extra crispy Caesar salads lately. This dressing is pretty good and does not have mayo, I added a little Worcestershire sauce for an extra kick. 

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