Shelter Loves..

My poor little blog hasn’t received much love this week. I’ve been out straight. I had a photo shoot for a publication on Monday, followed by a quick trip to Chicago for a video Tuesday. I’m back in town, and am sharing what’s on my mind this week…..

1.+ 2. I was sad to read about the passing of Lilly Pulitzer this past Sunday. The princess of prints + prep, was 81. I own just one happy, iconic “Lilly” shift dress. I may need to buy another for my collection or better yet track down a vintage one. The little girl versions are
sweet too. Dress link.
3. + 4. I wore a chunky necklace and a tweed blazer for both my video and photo shoot. They are perfect wardrobe staples. Flattering and functional, I wear both over and over again. I am obsessed with this necklace. It’s been on my wish list for about six months! My friend wore hers when we went to the ballet the other night, it looked stunning.
5. I gravitate toward fresh, clean spaces this time of year. In a perfect world I wouldn’t expose my television but sometimes it’s the best option for the room.

Image via: Decor Pad

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