Shelter Loves (a rare Monday edition)

HELLO, HELLO. I am back! I ended up getting struck down by that damn stomach bug on Thursday. So I honestly could barely get out of bed on Friday. What’s worse than “that” bug? I say not much! It’s been kicking my butt since I was a kid……

Here is what is making me happy today!! Cheers to a fabulous week. I could certainly use one, how about you!?

1. Have I mentioned I live for the beach? Pretty much everything about it is my therapy. The water warms up here in August, so I am looking forward to going swimming. (this is not me 😉
2. And this suit?? Kiini is the label and Ipek Irgit is the designer.
3/5  Lee Kleinhelter does it again!! Her new amazing home is featured in this month’s Atlanta Home’s magazine. Look how fabulous her closet is!!! Wonderful job Lee! I also adore her store Pieces too. ( I wish my bedroom looked as chic as her daughters)
4.  This is pretty much a staple look for me. I would however like to know where this shirt is from. I like how the sleeves stopped the stripes 3/4 of the way up.
6. So True! (I’m gonna bold this one)
7. Isn’t this a pretty little number??

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