Shelter Loves (Monday edition)

HOLA, loves! This was meant for last Friday but it never happened.  I hosted a party at my home on Saturday after my son’s First Communion. Between that, Mother’s Day and the kid’s sports it was a crazy three days..I was actually happy to see Monday morning. I hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day with your families…..I feel blessed to have my children and such a wonderful mother.. I know too, this can be a sad day for many for an array of reasons. My thoughts were with all of you too, including some of my dear friends. Here is what is on my radar round here!! xoxo

1. I cherish most moments with my kiddos, the sweet and not so sweet ones. The Moms I know make so many great things happen for their children and families. Cheers to you! I love her outfit..sometimes it’s hard to feel pulled together as a Mama, especially when you are working on a few hours of sleep. That is precisely why I purchase pieces that wash easily and can be styled perfectly! This jacket is great and even has a hood for all the rainy Spring days we are having. PS. It runs a little big, I would size down. 

2. ahhh ha!

3. I am going to be tackling some painting at my house. I am pretty sure I’m using a deep rich blue shade…Not quite navy or royal but someplace in between. I’ll keep you posted. This blue shade and entire hallway for that matter is gawgeous. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Chinoiserie details even amidst all the minimal coolness going on in design right now.

4. Peonies are one of my favorites!! I can’t wait until they are in bloom in Boston. We are a tad behind schedule this year.

5. oops

6. I love dishware but don’t have much storage in my house. I have to keep my china in bins down stairs. Someday I will have an entire cabinet to store all my glass and china. This Kelly Wearstler image is an oldie but goodie!! This certainly isn’t grandma’s china cabinet!

7. I am ordering monogrammed towels for my bathroom.(It’s almost done) This Etsy site has so many beautiful, colorful choices! Now I just need to decide which ones to order.

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