Shelter Loves – Monday edition…..

Hello November! I’m not sure how you already arrived but I am actually excited to embrace the colder weather and holiday season this year.  Friday was bananas and I am taking care of a sick child, so here is a late afternoon Monday edition of all the goodies and greatness I am loving right now!

1. There is something soothing about this time of year. I cherish the moments of snuggling on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, next to a warm fire with my kids, boyfriend or kitty. (and sometimes all four)

Pendleton has a fabulous collection of blankets, find them here

2. We all have “wish lists”…Visiting the French Alps is pretty close to the top for me, especially during ski season.
3. A good friend of mine told me to rent and watch the 2015 version of Cinderella with my daughter. We watched it last night, the overall message was wonderful. I attempt daily to instill the importance of kindness and courage to my children.
4. I adore beautifully wrapped gifts. I also have been drawn to over sized doors and clean white clapboards. I plan to buy my paper early this year.
5. Cozy boots are a go to for me. These Mou booties are precious. Purchase them here
6.  I love a layered bar set up, this image is welcoming and fun! I just restyled my own bar with an over sized lacquered tray…it is so functional during the holidays, I may host Thanksgiving again this year. Image via: One King’s Lane.
7. We are having a cabinet painted Jade Green for a project tomorrow…Jade is a wonderful shade to wear this time of year..Similar bracelet here, wearing a number of slightly different bracelets stacked together creates an impactful look!

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