Shelter Loves: Classic Style

My apologies for being a bit MIA, I’ve been trying to finish up my house and have been working on a number of projects with some pretty fabulous clients!

The house is coming along and has me thinking about design overall. (promise some sneak pics soon)
It was important for me to begin my design with a classic foundation and layer in trends and a softer California cool look. I guess I’d have to say that’s my overall approach to design right now…Classic meets California casual! I just think you really can’t go wrong with classic style, it mixes with almost everything and with small adjustments can be reinvented to look fresh and forward time and time again!

5 thoughts on “Shelter Loves: Classic Style”

  1. The Pink Pagoda recommended I know about your blog…just viwed some of your latest post and will be adding you to my daily readings! I was also very excited to learn you live in Boston! I spend time there every summer and just love it. Its almost like my second home! I look forward to reading more.


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