Shelter Loves…

It’s been a long, hectic week. I am having flashbacks of new born baby exhaustion lately. One or sometimes both of my kiddos have been venturing into my room and even bed every night! I keep telling myself when they are teenagers I’ll be welcoming these memories. I’m hoping I can save my insanity and sneak in a run before I have to jet to the bus stop to pick them up! I hope you’re week has been wonderful……
Interior Designers and most of us creative types never really stop thinking about work. (I’m sure this is true for most professions) I should put down my phone more and chill out, but I find my brain and fingers wondering to Pinterest to pin away on a “secret” board for a client or personal project. Here’s what’s on my pin page this week: 

1. Classic, clean, modern style. Giorgia Tordini is a current fave of mine. 
2. I adore crisp, colorful bedrooms that children can grow with. Leslee Mitchell is a super talented photographer. She sells her photos along with some pretty cool vintage stamp prints like the one pictured here via her website
3. How fun are these little studs? Purchase here
4. Atticus quotes are genius.
5. I’ve been spying ballet leggings around. I think they speak to the little girl in me. I envision them paired with pretty flats and a cozy oversized sweater.
6. French Fashion house: Celine creates some of the most gorgeous, timeless clothing around. This classic “vintage” Celine bag caught my eye this week. Deep burgundy can be mixed with almost any color..white, black, tan, olive, navy…you name it. 
7. I was thrilled to learn Christopher Spitzmiller’s amazing handcrafted lamps (pieces of artwork, really? will soon be available through Visual Comfort.  I’m psyched about this collaboration. 

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