Shelter loves 8.10.12

It seems there are a whole lot of adorable things going on in the design, fashion and art world lately!!  Here’s what I have my eye on this week! I’m working on a cool commercial office project for a young, hip company right now. We’re using diagonal stripes of varying sizes in all of the transitional spaces like the hallways etc. Can’t wait to share the afters with you! 
1. Okay, so waxed jeans and leather pants are still on my hit list for this Fall. I love how you can dress them up or down, plus they are sexy. I might as well take advantage of sexy before I get to that “she’s too old to be wearing those” age. It’s kind of like the long hair thing. P.S. The waxed jean with the gold zippers are back at Zara in black. They’re very flattering and $79.00
2. Diagonal stripes in navy and white, Do I need to say more? I need a set of this note cards
3. I love extra feminine details like the bow on the bauble bar bracelet since I’m post marriage or would you say post divorce. I guess it’s a girl and freedom thing!
4. Love this striped shirt in red from J. Crew. I don’t have a red striped shirt yet, I may have to add this to my “striped” shirt collection.
5. I love the natural border that privet hedges provide. Yes, they can be high maintenance but I still love them. They conjure up thoughts of beautiful pathway and gardens for me.
6. This moody painting by Jong Ro would add drama to any room.

3 thoughts on “Shelter loves 8.10.12”

  1. Our seasons are reversed, down here at the bottom of the world so I am wearing winter clothes and looking forward to striped tee shirts and light clothes with no coats !
    I have been on a shoe shopping frenzy lately .. tired of boots.. which I have 2 favorite pair that I wear every day- quilted (Chanel-like) lace "work" boots and a pair of amazing "riding" boots that I bought here.. no one does good leather boots like the Argentines.
    I am sick of coats and scarves also .. gimme cotton shirts and some skinny skirts and a pair of espadrilles .


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