Shelter Loves…


Hello…Do you ever have weeks where you could use an extra 24 hours? That’s the kind of week I’m having..I wanted to sneak a “Shelter Loves” post in today. Here’s what I’m adoring this week.

1 + 2 Shoes with embellishments
3. These peacock earrings are fab.
4. Tory never disappoints, I’m loving this Spring Tunic.
5. Gold dipped anything works for me but this flatware combines classic with a hint of glam
6. Feminine details are still on my radar this winter, how cute is this bow belt, I’d wear it around the waste of a fitted little sweater.
7. I have gold chairs very similar to this, don’t hate me but I found them on the side of the road!! They’re honestly the best of my road side finds. I’m spraying them black because the gold is in rough shape, hmmm maybe I should spray them GOLD?? I’d love to dine here..

I’m off, hope all my Northeastern friends are buttoning up for the storm. I still need to run out and stock up on red wine…

6 thoughts on “Shelter Loves…”

  1. I jut realized that I may never have commented on your blog, though I stop by pretty much daily. I am having one of those weeks where Ineed many extra hours, and yet here I am reading blogs!

    I love these "loving" posts. I sort of take them for granted, but as a blogger, I know how much work they actually are. Thanks for squeezing it in!



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